What Happens When I Die

There's an end that awaits us all: death. In this life, few things are as unnerving as our own demise. We encounter the idea of death and dying probably every day-in the news, on countless television programs, among those we know but do we ever really think about what becomes of us when we're dead and gone never to return to our lives, our family and friends and those we love the most?

In this booklet by Pastor Stephen Hower, human death and what Scripture says about the end of our lives is explained to Christians and non-Christians alike. Examining biblical passages dealing with the "body," "soul," "heaven," "hell" and other topics, Hower unpacks this difficult subject for the reader. In the final analysis, he reminds us it's our belief in Jesus' atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world that makes the ultimate difference when our lives come to an end.

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